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  1. Sweet Respite
  2. Meditation on the Edge
  3. The Gift
  4. Off the Cuff (feat. StringSongs)
  5. Echoes of Ages (feat. StringSongs)
  6. Across the Northlands (Live on Echoes) [feat. StringSongs]


This is a new digital only release. These songs were previously available on 2 different limited release EPs. Some appeared on BONUS and others appeared on StringSongs.



  1. Road to Cascadia
  2. Walk Away Renee/Over Your Shoulder
  3. Internal Equinox
  4. Mi Casa Tu Casa
  5. A Little Birdie Told Me
  6. Slap a Diddley Bop
  7. Hearts Content
  8. Kindred Spirits
  9. A Ping in the Universe
  10. Off the Cuff
  11. Cascades



KINDRED SPIRITS was a Finalist in the 9th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards

"Tim Farrell is a masterful guitarist who has a wonderful new CD."
ECHOES, A nightly music soundscape on Public Radio International

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"Cascadia is really terrific. Beautiful, elegant compositions, great recording and playing ... a nice package"
Richard Drueding, Guitarist, Composer and Educator

"I'm so glad I got a copy of your new album Cascadia. It's gorgeous! Really melodic playing - recording sounds great! Fretless electric bass also a favorite of mine. I love this kind of playing. Anyway... point is - this fits in right there on my list of favorite guitar music."
Alex Mitnick, Kaleidoscope Songs

"I have been listening to Cascadia tonight. Its amazing!  Your guitar playing is so fantastic, tasteful, beautiful,and unique. I love your choice of chord progressions. They are beautiful and flowing and well thought out.  I love the entire album, and 'Internal Equinox' is so beautiful!  I love every song on this album ... I think my favorite track on here is 'Kindred Spirits'.
Kevin Lucas, Composer, Percussionist with Kevin Lucas Orchestra


  1. All Over Again
  2. Rosewood Alley
  3. Open Sea
  4. Memories Of Shadowfax
  5. The Fine Print
  6. Echoes Of Ages
  7. The Backpacker
  8. To My Eye
  9. Wind At My Back
  10. Coda



BEST INSTRUMENTAL in the 7th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards

"Tim Farrell brings a melodic sensibility to his compositions that makes him stand apart from most of the fingerstyle crowd. CODAS is Tim Farrell's best album yet."
John Diliberto, ECHOES, heard worldwide on Public Radio International

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"CODAS came and I love it!!! It is surely your best playing so far. Very impressive and totally satisfying. I say it is Five Star Gourmet Guitar listening." Carla Van Dyke, The Sound Alternative, WDVR-FM, Sergeantsville, NJ

"Open Sea always makes me smile, feels like freedom." John Veseskis, WHUS-FM, Storrs, CT

Songs From Clarowood
was recorded with the George Nakashima Commemorative Edition Guitar built by the Martin Guitar Co. The guitar and the album are dedicated to George Nakashima's work and legacy. Proceeds from the sale of the album benefit the Nakashima Foundation For Peace

  1. Before, During and After
  2. Rain On The Roof
  3. The Emerald Aisle
  4. Barcarole
  5. Across The Northlands 
  6. Claro
  7. Spiritus Fermenti
  8. Raja Mahris
  9. Gwenette

songs from clarowood

One of the 25 Essential Echoes CD's for 2001

"Such an appealing collection of tunes on a great guitar for a noble cause. Conceptually, there is a lot of growth evident on this CD - like concentric growth rings of a tree."
Stephen Rekas, Guitar Sessions Editor, Mel Bay Publications, Inc.

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"Fingerstyle guitar has been flourishing and few have mastered its intricacies, delicate melodies and meticulous moods like Tim Farrell."
Echoes, heard on over 170 radios from Public Rad io International

"Tim Farrell plays a very relaxed style six string acoustic guitar and his melodies lay on the ear easily. Farrell doesn't play fast or loud in order to impress the listener with his dexterity; he just lets the tunes speak for themselves. A celebratory and ebullient spirit is present yet overall, if you just want to relax with a good hearted, gentle vibe, this fits."
Dan Liss, NAV Magazine


  1. Joyride To Tranquility
  2. Little Sister  
  3. Four Echoes
  4. So Long.....
  5. .....And Thanks For All The Fish
  6. Barcarole
  7. Because She Likes It
  8. Skydancer
  9. Polychrome Pass
  10. Raja Mahris
  11. On A Winter's Night


One of Echoes 25 Essential CD's for 1998

is a Finalist in the 10th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards

Indicated for a Grammy

"Uncommonly beautiful guitar playing in its
delicacy and power."

Carla Van Dyke, Host of Sound Alternative WDVR,Sergeantsville, NJ

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Tim Farrell's intricate techniques are heard to full effect on "SkyDancer". Farrell stands apart from the numerous acoustic guitar slingers out there. The title track and "Joyride To Tranquility" resonate with soaring, memorable melody lines that go beyond technique."SkyDancer" signals the arrival of a guitarist to be heard."

Billboard * Critic's Choice *

"Fingerstyle guitarist Tim Farrell manages to coax melodies out of his instrument in a seemingly effortless manner.
Cleanly picked notes hang in the air just long enough to catch in the memory and invite the voice to start humming along.
The title cut, "Joyride To Tranquility" and "On A Winter's Night" are wonderful and they make you wish they were a little longer. "So Long ... And Thanks For All The Fish" has a sort of whimsical humor."

New Age Voice


  1. Before, During and After
  2. Spiritus Fermenti
  3. Rain On The Roof
  4. A Cup Of Joe To Go
  5. ReefDance
  6. When I Get There
  7. Little Martha
  8. Duo For Uno And EBow
  9. Echoes Of The Bridge


"One of the quietly enchanting albums of 1995 was "Very" by Tim Farrell. On tracks like 'ReefDance' Farrell creates languid, almost Hawaiian style reflections that are captivating."
ECHOES - A Daily Music Soundscape on Public Radio International

"'A Cup Of Joe To Go' is a Sleepy Hollow hit"
Chuck Elliot, Sleepy Hollow, WXPN, Phila, PA

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"Superb folky New Age guitar and a couple of nice vocals."
George Graham, Director of Contemporary Arts
and Host of Mixed Bag on WVIA-FM, Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Hazelton, PA

"I always thought that Leo Kottke had done the definitive version of Little Martha, but you've got him beat hands down!"
James Jarrell, Director of Morale, Welfare, & Recreation, US Navy

"Elegant steel-string instrumentals featuring a luscious tone from his Santa Cruz Model D."
Accent on Music, West Linn, OR

The Gifts Of The Season

  1. What Child is This?
  2. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
  3. The Gift
  4. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  5. Winter Warmer
  6. Away In A Manger
  7. Across The Northlands
  8. On A Winters Night

the gifts of the season

"I was listening to 'The Gifts of The Season' and I had to tell you that 'Across The Northlands' is a really beautiful song. Thank you for writing such a beautiful song."
Dan Fackler, Newtown, PA

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"Your music has added so much joy to our holiday season, Thank You."
Mary Lou Corrigan, Frankfort, Germany

"I love your arrangement of 'O Little Town of Bethlehem'!"
Rich Laughlin, Quakertown, PA

Tim is pleased to have his music included on these wonderful compilation albums with many other great musicians

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